The Sustainability Revolution

At WEAll Cymru’s September Wellbeing Economy discussion forum we brought together climate and environmental groups, projects and campaigns, to explore this term and this concept – the Sustainability Revolution – whilst sharing updates and building a picture of what’s happening in Wales to address the climate and nature crises.

Our speakers came from across Wales’ climate landscape:

  • Barbara Davies Quy – Deputy Director, Size of Wales
  • Jeremy Wadia, Ecodewi
  • Clare James, Coordinator, Great Big Green Week
  • Sam Ward, Manager, Climate Cymru
  • Poppy Stowell-Evans, Youth Climate Ambassadors

From what we can do locally through local climate networks and action groups, to what’s happening at a national level, the conversation shone a light on some of those in Wales who have made climate activism a priority – professionally and personally.


Has this summer been a climate change wake-up call?  With heatwaves, wildfires, crop failures and droughts making their presence felt across the globe – and even here in Wales – do you think people are thinking and talking about climate change more than they were before?

Does the term “sustainability revolution” make you feel optimistic, part of a changing culture, part of a huge shift towards a greener future?

Or does it ring hollow, too little too late, a fallacy of “green growth” and “business as usual” with a bit of greenwashing?

How do you feel about the term “sustainability” in the context of the climate and nature emergencies?  Is it about sustaining life and the natural world, or sustaining an economic system that is destroying our natural ecosystems?

Has there been a paradigm shift towards a sustainable economy and way of life?  Or are we all talking to ourselves in our own “bubbles of passion”, while most of society carries on with the same unsustainable lifestyles and business practices?  And is it society that really needs to change, or big business?  Or is it already too late to avert catastrophe?

One thing is for certain: we are lucky to be in Wales, where there are many, many good people and organisations working to create the change that is needed. We have legislation in place, and a Minister for Climate Change, as well as a vibrant and diverse climate and nature movement.

This is a topic we will no doubt return to, so please reach out to us, to get involved. You can also keep an eye on our Eventbrite page for details of upcoming meetings: