Wellbeing Economy Election Hustings for Wales Senedd 2021

Wales’ Wellbeing Economy Alliance hosted an online election hustings event, chaired by two of Wales’ Youth Climate Ambassadors, to hold national political candidates to account ahead of the upcoming Senedd elections.

With the Senedd elections less than one month away, this was an opportunity to meet some of the candidates and hear what they have to say about their vision for Wales. In particular, do they really understand what we mean when we talk about a Wellbeing Economy? And are they committed to the 7 Wellbeing Goals of Wales’ future generations act? Or do they still believe “economic growth” will solve all of Wales’ problems?

Listen in to find out! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P8g6NQnGEoQ

Co-chaired by Youth Climate Ambassadors Ellie Sanders and Caitlyn Williams, and facilitated by Dawn Lyle from 4theRegion, this hustings was organised by the Wellbeing Economy Alliance. We invited the top five parties from January’s voting preferences poll: Labour, the Conservatives, Plaid Cymru, the Green Party and Abolish (with Abolish declining the invitation).

– Jeremy Miles, Labour

– Calum Davies, Conservative

– Luke Fletcher, Plaid Cymru

– Amelia Womack, Green Party

Young people from the age of 16+ have the vote in Wales for the first time this year. We hope this discussion helps clarify what Wales’ main political parties actually stand for, so you can vote in alignment with your own values in the upcoming Senedd elections. The Wellbeing Economy Alliance for Wales is part of the global Wellbeing Economy Alliance, a movement to promote an economy that serves the wellbeing of humanity within planetary limits, rather that the pursuit of ‘growth’ and ‘productivity’ at any cost.

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