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Housing in a Wellbeing Economy

Join our May forum, on Thursday 11th May from 7pm till 8:30pm, via Zoom, where we will be discussing the housing system in Wales, and what needs to change to ensure everyone has access to comfortable, affordable and secure housing. What are the disruptions and innovations that point towards a sustainable and affordable housing system…
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Behaviour Change for a Wellbeing Economy

On Thursday 9th March 2023, Wellbeing Economy Cymru hosted a panel discussion about behaviour change, bringing together thoughtleaders and on-the-ground changemakers, for a conversation about the urgent need for change, and how to effect that change. Whether we’re talking about unsustainable business practices, or our mental and physical health and wellbeing; tackling social exclusion, or…
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Art & Creativity in a Wellbeing Economy

Engagement with the arts unleashes the potential of people and places, enhances wellbeing, and connects us with each other and the issues that really matter. But in an economy obsessed with economic growth, productivity and profit, art and culture sometimes get squeezed out and commodified. In a wellbeing economy, the value and importance of art…
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Revitalising Democracy

UK democracy is in a terrible state, and many are questioning whether another future might be possible here in Wales.  So this month we are opening up a discussion about the future of Welsh demoncracy, and how it could be revitalised to better enable planetary and population wellbeing. What would it take to revitalise the democratic…
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Business for Wellbeing

This discussion featured a fantastic panel of speakers on the role of businesses in building the wellbeing economy, asking whether “the wellbeing of population and planet” can be a measure of economic and business success.

The Sustainability Revolution

At WEAll Cymru’s September Wellbeing Economy discussion forum we brought together climate and environmental groups, projects and campaigns, to explore this term and this concept – the Sustainability Revolution – whilst sharing updates and building a picture of what’s happening in Wales to address the climate and nature crises. Our speakers came from across Wales’…
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Co-creating the Wellbeing Economy from the ground up: community empowerment and place-based initiatives in Wales

Wellbeing Economy Wales convened a meeting to talk about “building the wellbeing economy from the ground up”, bringing together community involvement practitioners from around Wales to share insights on what works (and what the obstacles are) when it comes to empowering and enabling people to step up and lead in their communities. What emerged was…
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Transformational Food!

On 12th May 2022, Dawn Lyle from Wellbeing Economy Wales facilitated an “open mic night” for the sustainable food movement across Wales, bringing together people, projects, enterprises and organisations who are working in diverse ways to transform Wales’ food system.  This work is an essential component of building a wellbeing economy for Wales – an…
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Crypto Cymru?

What is money, and do we really understand our monetary system?  Many people believe sustained human and ecological wellbeing is impossible whilst the very way money is brought into existence requires everyone to borrow/steal from the future. “More important than understanding the basics of blockchain or any specifics of the wide variety of cryptocurrencies that…
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Wales Local Doughnuts Workshop Series

We are co hosting a series of workshops to help communities across Wales develop their own priorities, plans and actions, and we are inviting an initial cohort of participants to join this Wales-wide learning journey.

Youth Climate Ambassadors on COP26

The Wellbeing Economy Alliance for Wales meets on a regular basis every month to have different discussions and conversations about all sorts of topics related to how we can build an economy and a society that serves the wellbeing of people and places and the planet. This month we took some time to talk about…
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Business with a purpose

At our Wellbeing Economy Forum on 11th November 2021, we were delighted to welcome Andy Middleton, CEO of TYF Adventure in St Davids, Pembrokeshire, to come and speak about his passion: transformative action to address the reality of 21st century challenges. Click here to view the event recording

Local Doughnuts

If you’re interested in how the doughnut economics framework, and the concept of a “wellbeing economy”, can empower change at a local level, you’re in the right place! Here in Wales, we are forming a “coalition of the willing” – a tribe of “doughnut pushers” – who want to take these tools and concepts into…
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Delivering Wellbeing with Doughnut Economics – upcoming event

Interested in creating economies that are regenerative and distributive in design? Join us at this Doughnut Economics event for Wales! 14th September 2021, 11am-1pm via Zoom REGISTER VIA EVENTBRITE What is “doughnut economics” and how does it relate to Wales’ Wellbeing of Future Generations Act? How might local authorities and communities in Wales use “the…
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Measuring a Wellbeing Economy in Wales

Wellbeing Economy Wales is embarking on a volunteer-led project to create the Wales Wellbeing Economy Index – a visualisation of relevant and meaningful data that frames the wellbeing economy in a way that everyone can understand.  It’s part of a wider mission to broaden the understanding of (and engagement in) the idea of wellbeing economics…
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UK petition demands a shift to a Wellbeing Economy

A petition campaign is underway in the UK, demanding that the government at Westminster prioritises a shift to a Wellbeing Economy. Launched by Brighton campaigner Laura Sharples, the petition seeks to garner 100,000 signatures by September so that the need for a Wellbeing Economy will be debated in Parliament. WEAll’s Katherine Trebeck was part of…
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What makes a Wellbeing Economy Employer?

What makes a Wellbeing Economy Employer? Dawn Lyle from 4theRegion talks to Alwen Williams and her team from the North Wales Economic Ambition Board, about their team charter and their commitment to the wellbeing of people and the environment, at every level. Wellbeing Economy Wales is part of the global Wellbeing Economy Alliance, run by…
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Wellbeing Economy Election Hustings for Wales Senedd 2021

Wales’ Wellbeing Economy Alliance hosted an online election hustings event, chaired by two of Wales’ Youth Climate Ambassadors, to hold national political candidates to account ahead of the upcoming Senedd elections. With the Senedd elections less than one month away, this was an opportunity to meet some of the candidates and hear what they have…
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Manifesto for the Future

With less than 200 days to go until the Senedd Election, Future Generations Commissioner for Wales Sophie Howe has launched her ‘Manifesto for the Future’, providing key recommendations that Sophie believes all political parties should consider within their manifesto work. In this podcast episode from 4theRegion, Dawn Lyle speaks to Sophie about her role and…
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Wales joins Wellbeing Economy Governments partnership

The Welsh Government has announced its official membership of the Wellbeing Economy Governments (WEGo) partnership. In a statement by Jane Hutt, Deputy Minister and Chief Whip, the government said: “Covid-19 has dramatically changed our lives and will have a lasting and profound effect on all of us, on our economy, on our public services and…
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Welsh wellbeing – where we need to go from here

Citizens must be brought into the discussion if we are to move towards a sustainable Welsh economy, writes Duncan Fisher The moment for the ascendancy of wellbeing economics in Wales has come. What next in Wales? In the previous three articles on wellbeing economics, I have made the case that wellbeing economics should and can…
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Wellbeing worldbeaters: New Zealand, Scotland and Iceland

Duncan Fisher explores how New Zealand’s, Scotland’s and Iceland’s approach to the economy is attempting to make their citizens happier. In two earlier posts, I have made the case for developed country Governments who want to stay in power through democratic means, to pay more attention to wellbeing than GDP. In this article I sketch…
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Beyond GDP – Welcome to Wellbeing

Duncan Fisher argues that measuring Gross Domestic Product is flawed and we must embrace a new economics by adopting the ‘doughnut’ In my first post, I described the lack of correlation between GDP and measures of happiness and the significant correlation between measures of misery and voting Governments out of office. So, if Governments want…
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Unhappiness threatens our democracies and the data proves it

We will see the continued rise of populism unless we ditch the GDP obsession and change tack to wellbeing economics, argues Duncan Fisher This is the first article in a series exploring why misery drives populism and why moving to wellbeing economics is the answer. You can read the second article here and the third article here. In…
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