Business for Wellbeing

Business for Wellbeing

A Wellbeing Economy is one where the government uses well-being metrics for monitoring, for prioritizing, or for policy making. Where wellbeing indicators are starting to replace growth, productivity and GDP as measures of success.

A country is considered a Wellbeing Economy only if it actively uses well-being measures for informing government priorities and actively guiding government policymaking towards the most well-being impact.

So it therefore follows that a Wellbeing Business is one that has embraced a similar shift in emphasis, redefining what it is in business to do, and changing how it measures success.

There is much we can learn from businesses that are thinking and acting differently. What does “business for wellbeing” look like in practice, and could the idea go mainstream here in Wales?

Come along to our October discussion forum to hear from a fantastic line-up of thoughtleaders in this space, and share your own reflections on what it means to be in business for wellbeing.