Behaviour Change for a Wellbeing Economy

On Thursday 9th March 2023, Wellbeing Economy Cymru hosted a panel discussion about behaviour change, bringing together thoughtleaders and on-the-ground changemakers, for a conversation about the urgent need for change, and how to effect that change.

Whether we’re talking about unsustainable business practices, or our mental and physical health and wellbeing; tackling social exclusion, or taking action to address the climate emergency…

Individually, and collectively, we need to change the way we live, if humanity is to survive. The clarion call of the modern age is…

We need whole-system change. At the level of the individual, the organisation, the community, the society… the economic system…

But behaviour change is hard. Even when we know and understand the problems, we don’t always change. How are we to understand our friends and neighbours, who might not seem willing to change their lifestyles? What about the businesses, stuck in a growth/profit paradigm? How can we more effectively work for – and deliver – behaviour change at the scale we need?

So WE Cymru was interested to explore the question of what works?

Catch up on the event recording via Youtube

In a fascinating discussion combining theory and reality, this panel brought together thoughtleaders on the science of behaviour change and a selection of voices from people tackling the issue of creating local change in their own practical ways.


Nina Ruddle: Head of Public Policy Engagement at Wrexham Glyndŵr University, Civic Mission champion and widely recognised public policy speaker.

Ben Rawlence: acclaimed author and co-founder of Black Mountains College, an institution devoted to creative and adaptive thinking in the face of the climate and ecological emergency.

Professor Dave Snowden: founder of The Cynefin Company and the Cynefin Centre who has pioneered a science-based approach to organisations drawing on anthropology, neuroscience, and complex adaptive systems theory.

Emily Laurens: representing LocalMotion Carmarthen. A major funding injection to the town toward a shared ambition for long lasting positive change that would help make Carmarthen work better for people who live and work there, who are on low incomes or experiencing inequality.

Cllr Clive Davies: Co-founder of 4CG, Cardigan, a co-operative organisation set up to “advance community development through the regeneration of Cardigan and the surrounding area” and County Councillor at CeredigionCC.

Amy Jones: Community Organiser at TCC and former VSO volunteer. TCC tackles social injustice by supporting diverse communities to gain the power they need to enact change – bringing together local groups to set their own agenda, take action, and improve their communities.

Louisa Addiscott: representing DTA Wales, a membership organisation supporting the network of development trusts in Wales, and the Egin programme. Both of which aim to catalyse the power inherent in our communities to create meaningful, positive outcomes for people and places, in particular through peer mentoring with a focus on authentic sustainability.