Alternative Economics

In February 2024, WE Cymru hosted a forum bringing together organisations and activists from across the new economics movement in Wales, to forge connections and collaborations.

This was an opportunity to engage with thought leaders who are redefining success beyond GDP. “New economics” refers to a range of economic ideas and practices that seek to address the shortcomings of conventional economic models, particularly in terms of sustainability, social justice, and ecological balance. These new economic frameworks often overlap in their principles and practices, reflecting a shared ambition to create an economy that is more responsive to human and ecological needs.

Our Panel:

Jonathan Tench: Future Generations Office – Providing overview of WFGA and Wellbeing Economy from the Office of the Future Generations Commissioner and then some of their thinking around the #CymruCan strategy.

Hayley Richards (Doughnut Economics) Head of Programme Development & Policy at WCIA, experienced as a Researcher and Policy & Advocacy Officer at Oxfam Cymru, Hayley has also collaborated on the Wales Nation of Sanctuary campaign with the Welsh Refugee Coalition and positively influencing the Wellbeing of Future Generations Act through the Sustainable Development Alliance. Notably, she played a key role in introducing ‘doughnut economics’ to Wales through DEAL.

Jenny Andersson (Regenerative Economics) Regenerative Strategist and co-founder of The Really Regenerative Centre. Jenny walks side by side with brands, organisations, cities and municipalities who want to be part of the movement to create a regenerative economy. Her work centres on the unique stories of people and place which set and sustain vision to travel to tomorrow’s regenerative future. Jenny has worked closely with WWF Cymru to help build a pilot project in Pembrokeshire bringing a more holistic approach to nature conservation.

Dr. Katie Beverley (Circular Economics) Senior Research Officer at PDR International Centre for Design and Research, Cardiff Metropolitan University, Head of the Ecodesign Centre and key part of the Wales delivery team for Circular Economy Innovation Community (CEIC). She works with academic partners and the public and private sector, to embed ecodesign, circular economy and sustainable thinking into products and services. with a research interest in design-driven innovation for a circular economy.

This was an inspiring gathering dedicated to reshaping the economic landscape of Wales for the betterment of its communities and environment.